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CEO Message

SK Corporation through social value creation and BM innovation
We are committed to becoming a sustainable 'global investment-type holding company'.


Dear esteemed customers and shareholders!

As an 'investment holding company' that discovers and nurtures the group's future growth engines, and leads the growth and development of investment companies, SK Corporation aims to maximize the overall value of its portfolio through active Optimization activities.
We have accumulated new growth engines in areas such as bio, pharmaceutical and semiconductor materials on top of stable revenue bases from energy and ICT sectors, and we are making bold Seeding investments in areas where high growth potential is detected.

Expanding new growth businesses and generating results

The bio-pharmaceutical business has been successful, with technology export of its own new drug to the European market and direct entry into the U.S. market with FDA approval. In addition, we are securing a full-fledged growth system by integrating the pharmaceutical production capabilities distributed in Korea, the U.S., and Europe. Recently, we have continued to strengthen our bio-competitiveness by investing in bio-ventures that have innovative technologies in antibody drug development such as Hummingbird and Harbor Biomed.
Siltron and Materials, which were acquired for the purpose of strengthening the value chain of the semiconductor business, have achieved remarkable results in sales and operating profit compared to the pre-acquisition period, establishing SK's solid growth business.
It is also expected that Siltron will take over SiC division, which is expected to be the next wafer, to further strengthen its position in the power semiconductor market, which is essential for electric vehicles. ESR, a global logistics center company that proactively identified the growth potential of the logistics market in terms of Seeding investment, was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange last year and was recognized as twice the price we purchas`ed the stake in two years. We will also actively explore and implement Seeding investments in this future.

Optimize portfolio and maximize corporate value

Building an optimal portfolio structure is the most important duty as a holding company of SK Group, which operates various businesses, and I think it is a way to maximize corporate value. With all SK's business in place, the stakeholder is based on the most efficient and appropriate structure in the rapidly changing environment.

Value sharing efforts with customers/shareholders

In addition, we will make more efforts to develop SKMS (SK Management System, SK Management System), which is SK's unique value and unique corporate culture, and continue to enhance the value of SK brand, SK's core intangible asset. We will do our best to share greater value with our customers, shareholders, members, and all stakeholders in our society through a strong growth strategy and job creation based on a stable governance structure. Please continue to show your interest and support to SK Corporation, which is growing with you.

Thank you.