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CEO Message

SK Inc. vows to deliver greater happiness to stakeholders,
as a Sophisticated Value Investor dedicated to sustainable future


As a value investor dedicated to sustainable future, SK Inc. continues to innovate its business portfolio and identify and foster future growth drivers in a bid to bolster up its corporate value.

The Financial Story to be put into practice this year on is SK’s exclusive approach to implementing Deep Change’ by which SK will provide market and society with commitments to be enabled by a variety of its own tools expecting their evaluation.

To that end, SK will prioritize Materials, Green, Bio, and Digital as the top four growth drivers in 2021, building and rapidly expanding the investment ecosystem. An industrial ecosystem focused on high-value, cutting-edge materials will be fostered in the semiconductor and battery domains, and SK’s business prowess in energy sector will be harnessed to enable the company to develop leadership in the hydrogen market.
In the Bio domain, a full line-up will be built from synthetic drugs to bio drugs whereas in the Digital domain, SK Inc. will spearhead the advancement of AI technologies to enhance digital capabilities across the entire SK group.

Rather than working on individual investment deals without coherence, we will seamlessly link investment and portfolio management and engage our partners to have far-reaching impact across the society and earn prestige as a global top-tier investor.

With continued endeavor for further development of our stories and communication thereof to market and society for shared consensus, we will ponder upon roles expected to be played by business enterprises to arouse empathy and trust from society, and manifest entrepreneurship to foster greater values of hope and happiness.

Thank you.