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Business Introduction

Based on value-centered portfolio management practices,
SK Holdings will make investments in new growth businesses that are projected to have high value in the future and focus its resources on raising the company’s value

  • Deep Change
    Pursuit of happiness through
  • Invest

  • Value-up

  • Portfolio

  • Invest

    Discover and foster new growth areas as the main business
    Securing the foundation for continuous growth

  • Value-up

    Holding Company Portfolio Management capability combined with C&C ICT capability
    Investment Company Biz. Promotion of value-up through model innovation

  • Portfolio optimization

    Realization of preemptive exit profit on marginal assets according to investment strategy

  • Secure Group’s New Growth Engines

    SK Holdings owns portfolios in strong businesses of various fields such as energy and chemical, information communications and materials, and logistics service, and practices strategic long-term investments for consistent growth and stability. To facilitate such success, the company plans to cultivate and focus its investments in selective new growth businesses with high growth potential such as biopharmaceuticals, materials, and logistics infrastructure. SK Holdings will actively secure competitiveness in core technologies of each field; seek strategic investors to facilitate global expansion; and enhance value through utilizing the capabilities of partner companies.

  • Strengthen exiting portfolios

    SK Holdings will strengthen its value-focused portfolio management system to secure group management practices based on a consistently strong corporate governance and financial stability. In particular, by expanding investments based on growth value, SK Holdings will re-adjust its portfolios to high potential and high growth areas to enhance the value of SK Holdings by preemptively upgrading its management, and securing resources for new investments through restructuring its portfolio.