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Company Overview

Listed subsidiaries

  • SK Innovation

    SK Innovation has been working hard to make Korea, which does not drip a drop of oil, an energy powerhouse. SK Innovation, which started as the first oil refining company in Korea in 1962, has been at the forefront of national economic development as a representative energy and chemical company in Korea for the past half century. SK Innovation, which is heading for a new half-century, will continue to challenge and innovate to become a global leading energy and chemical company.

    Listing date : July 25, 2007

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  • SK Telecom

    SK Telecom started commercializing the world's first CDMA in 1996 and commercialized the world's first LTE-A in 2013. In the world's first 5G commercialization in 2019, we are at the center of Korea's mobile communication industry development. SK Telecom improves customers' quality of life through 'super-innovation' that overcomes the existing limitations based on the power that led the evolution of communication, the world's first 5G commercialization with wide coverage, high speed, and perfect security, and improves the quality of life for customers and Korean industry We want to be the catalyst for this change that can develop.

    Listing date : November 7, 1989

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  • SKC

    SKC is a leading company in the film and chemical materials industry (Leading Company). Based on advanced technology capabilities and know-how, SKC will advance into high value-added new businesses and expand overseas markets and secure future growth engines. Furthermore, we will leap forward as a world-class high-tech materials company that produces high value-added and high-performance specialty products in the new growth business field.

    Listing date : July 18, 1997

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  • SK Networks

    SK Networks, which was launched as Sunkyung Textile, the mother of SK Group, is conducting a variety of businesses based on its competitiveness, including domestic and foreign networks, superior business partners, and excellent logistics capabilities. In particular, we will accelerate the growth of rental business, which is in the spotlight in the 4th industrial revolution, while enhancing profitability and growth through global advancement based on experience and know-how in pioneering overseas markets.

    Listing date : June 30, 1977

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  • SK materials

    SK Materials has been developing specialty gas fields such as tungsten hexafluoride (WF6), monosilane (SiH4), and disilane (Si2H6). In addition to establishing itself as a global No. 1, it is also growing as a gas & IT total solution provider by expanding its business base in the industrial gas and semiconductor precursor materials and etching gas fields.

    Listing date : December 14, 1999

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Unlisted subsidiaries

  • SK E&S

    SK E&S was launched as a holding company in the city gas business in 1999 and is currently expanding its business to LNG, power, collective energy, renewable energy, and overseas energy businesses. SK E&S operates a natural gas power plant to supply electricity and contributes to national power supply and demand by introducing competitive LNG. With the goal of Global Clean Energy & Solution Provider, we are actively pursuing domestic as well as overseas businesses.

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  • SK Siltron

    SK Siltron is the only semiconductor wafer manufacturer in Korea that has been growing for over 35 years with the development and history of the semiconductor industry. Based on the long-term mass production experience and accumulated capacity, we are promoting the preemptive expansion and continuous strengthening of manufacturing and technology competitiveness, while expanding the business portfolio, such as entering the new growth business, SiC wafer business, to achieve global scale and profitability. We are solidifying the foundation to move forward as a company.

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  • SK E&C

    SK E&C is strengthening its position at home and abroad through the construction of national infrastructure industries such as roads, railroads, and ports in the infrastructure sector, and the creation of premium residential spaces in the construction / housing sector and large-scale development projects. In addition, in the plant field, we are leading the industry as a global player that is in line with global companies by winning orders and successful construction of large-scale petrochemicals, power generation, and semiconductor facilities in various parts of the world.

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  • SK Biopharmaceuticals

    SK Biopharmaceuticals operates corporations in Korea, the United States, and China in order to be competitive as a global pharmaceutical company. We have been at the forefront of developing innovative new drugs targeting the global market and aiming to become a global integrated pharmaceutical company (FIPCO: Fully Integrated Pharma Company) that covers everything from searching for new drug candidates to marketing after launch through commercialization of new drugs.

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  • SK Pharmteco

    SK Pharmteco has six factories in Europe / North America / Korea, and has production capabilities capable of responding to the demands of pharmaceutical companies and due diligence in advanced countries' regulatory agencies. Recently, the quality trend of pharmaceuticals in developed countries and the preference of CMOs in developed countries of global pharmaceutical companies are strengthening, and this verification history and facility status are very helpful in expanding the business. In addition, we have a number of specialized technologies such as continuous process, high-risk reaction control, and production of highly toxic drugs. This greatly contributes to the production of high-end products and strengthening customer trust.

  • SK Forest

    SK Forest has created a total of 4,000 ha of forest land in Chungju, Cheonan, and Yeongdong for the past 40 years to secure long-term financial resources for scholarship projects through the forest business and contribute to the national forest greening. Contribution to the effort was recognized. In particular, Chungju, Cheonan, and Yeongdong Plantation plays a pivotal role in corporate forestry as the “Special Forest Business District” designated by the Korea Forest Service as the only special-purpose forest complex.

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