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Sustainability Management Strategies

SKMS, the basis for SK holdings C&C’s sustainable management practices

SKMS is a business management system unique to SK Group that was established in 1979. It is comprised of management principles that have served as the basis for SK’s continued existence and growth. Forming the framework of SK’s corporate culture, it sets the standard for decision-making processes involving both executives and employees in addition to management activities. SK holdings C&C engages in sustainable management based on the corporate view specified in SKMS: “Companies must persistently subsist and develop by achieving stability and continuous growth. Through these efforts, they should create value for their customers, executives and employees, and stakeholders, thereby playing a pivotal role in social and economic development; furthermore, they must contribute to the happiness of mankind.”

Sustainable Management Vision

Creation of Sustainable Happiness for All Stakeholders

  • Shareholders

    Ethical Management


  • Customers

    Customer-Centered Management

    Value Creation

  • Employees

    Human Resources Management

    People & Culture

  • Business

    Win-Win Partership

    Winning with
    Our Biz.Partner

  • Environment

    Green Management

    Toward Zero

  • Local

    Social Contribution

    Social Investment

Sustainable Management Strategies

In order to pursue “sustainable development and happiness for stakeholders,” SK holdings C&C has set a course for six sustainable management strategies; for each a dedicated team and mission were derived as part of its efforts to become a sustainable company.