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Company Overview

Investment-type holding company that seeks happiness of stakeholders

  • Main New Growth

    SK Holdings continues to increase its corporate value by consistently innovating its business portfolio and cultivating new growth engines for the future.

    Focus on fostering core growth areas such as bio-pharmaceuticals, and materials

    Securing global competitiveness through long-term and continuous investment such as logistics infrastructure and mobility

    SK Holdings has numerous affiliated companies with global competitiveness in diverse fields including energy and chemicals, information communications and semiconductors, and distribution logistics service. The company has established long-term investment strategies to improve the competitiveness of affiliated company portfolios. Furthermore, the company and its employees are fully devoted to cultivating a robust management system based on financial stability to ultimately enhance shareholder value.
    SK Holdings focuses on discovering and fostering new growth engines that will secure SK’s future. Through consistent long-term investments, SK Holdings is devoted to securing global competitiveness in key new growth industries such as biopharmaceuticals, materials, logistics infrastructure. Such efforts will create value for our customers, employees, and shareholders, contributing to social and economical development and ultimately to promoting happiness.

  • Practice and Advance
    the SKMS

    Diverse efforts are made to uphold and advance the SK Management System as well as the SK Brand that form the foundation of SK management.

    Sharing the value of SK Brand, a core intangible asset that is the source of SK competitiveness

    Discuss systematic management and use it for actual management activities

    SK Holdings strives to practice and advance the SK Management System—SK’s intrinsic value and distinct corporate culture. The company will further share the value of the SK Brand, SK’s core intangible asset that fundamentally drives SK’s competitiveness, and manage systematically in order to facilitate real management practices.
    SK Holdings will continue to endlessly innovate and embark on new challenges to consistently create further value in the rapidly-changing global management environment.